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Hi everyone,
Some of you may have had difficulty accessing and using the MUSIC Auditor web service recently. We have addressed the critical issues and are working to ensure all the services are fully functional. We apologise for any inconvenience the recent disruptions may have caused. If you have any enquiries, please contact us at [email protected].



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New WSUD Audit Guidelines

Conducting a wetland audit - WSUD Audit Guideline Training

The Draft WSUD Audit Guidelines are now available for use and review by industry.
The guidelines will assist Councils and authorities in their efforts to audit and effectively maintain WSUD assets. The guidelines have been prepared by E2Designlab as part of a Stormwater Victoria and Melbourne Water partnership.

The guideline describes how to undertake audits of WSUD assets to determine their condition and identify maintenance and renewal requirements. It also sets out the context within which audits occur. The guideline describes the following:

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MUSIC Auditor updated for new Melbourne Water MUSIC Guidelines


Melbourne Water have released new MUSIC Guidelines and the MUSIC Auditor has now been updated to support these.

Users can now choose between the 2010 and 2016 Melbourne Water MUSIC Guidelines when submitting a summary report file for auditing.

The new guidelines introduce a range of updates including soil parameters, rainfall templates and other changes.

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MUSIC Webinar Series - Bioretention Modelling for Healthy Plants using MUSIC


"Many Councils have recognised the potential benefits of trees and urban greening to improve amenity, mitigate urban heat island and also provide stormwater quality treatment. To this end, many Councils have established ambitious tree canopy cover targets. Water is essential for healthy plant growth and passive irrigation of trees through a water sensitive urban design approach can greatly increase the effectiveness of tree planting efforts. However, the behaviour and performance of passively irrigated tree pits relative to conventional trees is not yet well understood.

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Draft Melbourne Water MUSIC Guidelines


Melbourne Water are establishing new MUSIC Guidelines and a draft has been released for comment by industry.

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Update to residence time calculations


We've made some improvements to the algorithm that calculates wetland residence time as of 4/10/2015. This slightly improves accuracy for marginal cases. For most models there will be no observable change although some will see an increase or decrease in residence time of one day. A residence time with a fractional day is now reported if the residence time falls between percentiles with different residence times.

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Wetland Analysis Tool now supports zip files


The 2015 Constructed Wetlands Design Manual has been released in draft form, bringing with it a range of changes in how wetlands are assessed.

One of these is a requirement that wetland inundation patterns are suitable to support the growth of healthy plants which are essential for successful wetlands.

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MUSIC V6.1 released


MUSIC Version 6.1 has just been released by eWater. We have now updated the MUSIC Auditor (effective 18/01/2015) to handle summary report files generated from Version 6.1.

The new version introduces improved algorithms for representing bioretention evapotranspiration and has one new parameter, the ‘PET Scaling Factor’. The auditor checks that this is set to the default for the new version of 2.1.

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The Wetland Hydrologic Analysis Tool is now available for beta testing!


Microburst Software are pleased to announce the beta release of a new tool to support the design of wetlands to meet the requirements of the new Melbourne Water Constructed Wetlands Design Manual.

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Revised guideline parameters for Melbourne Water


On 15/3/2014 the guideline parameters for Melbourne Water were updated.

The changes reduce the sensitivity of the MUSIC Auditor to avoid flagging submerged zone system parameters. The presence of a submerged zone is now identified as an advisory for the authority to check that the sizing and design of the system is reasonable.
The update also provides support for Version 4 models that have been run in version 5 or 6 and corrects a bug with auditing models with large numbers of bioretention nodes.

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