MUSIC Version 6

MUSIC Version 6 has been released and the MUSIC Auditor has now been updated to handle MUSIC Version 6 files, as well as Versions 4 and 5. This means Version 6 files submitted by consultants to Melbourne Water and Councils can now be audited.

Version 6 improves the flexibility of MUSIC to meet industry needs to represent integrated systems with both rainwater reuse and stormwater treatment.
The main changes in Version 6 of interest for Victorian users are:
Calculation tool for sizing sediment basins (wetland inlet volume).
Note that a particle size of 125 um for very fine sand, a design flow of the 1 in 1 year ARI storm and a capture efficiency of 90% should be selected in accordance with the WSUD Engineering Procedures. A sediment loading rate of 1.6 m3/ha/year based on ARQ is commonly adopted.
Ability to specify multiple tanks which is very helpful when modeling a number of houses in a lumped model.
Ability to specify a drawdown limit. This is especially useful for modelling reuse from wetlands and lakes while preventing emptying of the permanent pool.
No changes are expected in treatment system performance.


The MUSIC Auditor now supports auditing of MUSIC Version 6 models.

By dbrowne