MUSIC V6.1 released

MUSIC Version 6.1 has just been released by eWater. We have now updated the MUSIC Auditor (effective 18/01/2015) to handle summary report files generated from Version 6.1.

The new version introduces improved algorithms for representing bioretention evapotranspiration and has one new parameter, the ‘PET Scaling Factor’. The auditor checks that this is set to the default for the new version of 2.1.

Unpacking the new evapotranspiration algorithm
For this new release, the bioretention model in MUSIC was revised to improve the representation of evapotranspiration (evaporation from soil and transpiration by plants) from bioretention systems. This has improved the accuracy of the model and will likely result in minor variations in treatment performance. One of the changes has directly linked bioretention evapotranspiration to the potential evapotranspiration input data supplied to MUSIC. This means that it will better represent specific localities and will somewhat reduce the evapotranspiration observed for bioretention systems in Melbourne due to improved interpretation of the science. For more information, click here.

Guideline updates
In other news, Melbourne Water are in the process of updating their MUSIC Guidelines and Constructed Wetland Guidelines. The updates to the MUSIC Guidelines will introduce new 10 year rainfall time series and revised guidance on the selection of soil parameters to better reflect the current state of the science. The new wetland guidelines will bring many changes and to assist in assessing wetland designs for compliance we have introduced the new Wetland Hydrologic Analysis Tool with Melbourne Water’s support. The MUSIC Auditor will also be updated to reflect the new guidelines in due course.