Wetland Analysis Tool now supports zip files

The 2015 Constructed Wetlands Design Manual has been released in draft form, bringing with it a range of changes in how wetlands are assessed.

One of these is a requirement that wetland inundation patterns are suitable to support the growth of healthy plants which are essential for successful wetlands.

The Wetland Analysis Tool helps users to assess a wetland that has been designed with depths in accordance with the manual and check whether the plant selection is suitable given the wetland inundation pattern that is expected.

Input flux files for the current 'reference year' rainfall periods can be uploaded to the site in a snap. However, flux files for the new 10 year rainfall periods for the guidelines are much bigger and can take longer. To save time, users can now compress the daily flux file as a 'zip' file and then upload this instead.

At Microburst Software our job is making your job easier so we hope this helps!