MUSIC Webinar Series - Bioretention Modelling for Healthy Plants using MUSIC

"Many Councils have recognised the potential benefits of trees and urban greening to improve amenity, mitigate urban heat island and also provide stormwater quality treatment. To this end, many Councils have established ambitious tree canopy cover targets. Water is essential for healthy plant growth and passive irrigation of trees through a water sensitive urban design approach can greatly increase the effectiveness of tree planting efforts. However, the behaviour and performance of passively irrigated tree pits relative to conventional trees is not yet well understood.

Dale recently presented the inaugural webinar for the MUSIC webinar series on the creative application of MUSIC to analyse soil moisture conditions and their implications for growing healthy trees. The discussion demonstrates the potential to use our existing modelling tools to better understand how our blue green assets are likely to behave and proposes some general design ranges for passively irrigated street trees to ensure they have enough (but not too much) water. The learnings from our study will help Councils reach their canopy cover targets faster and more cost effectively."

Check out the webinar here: