Merry Christmas and Happy New Year

Hello everyone,
Welcome back for 2019, we hope you all had a safe and enjoyable break over Christmas and the new year.

It is business as usual at Microburst but as some of you would be aware there are some big changes in the works within our industry that will affect the planning and design of WSUD.

Planning amendment VC154 was introduced late last year. This expands the planning requirements for water sensitive urban design (WSUD) and integrated water management (IWM) to cover a range of land uses including commercial and industrial development.
This is a welcome improvement to our planning system and will see a greater number of developments implementing WSUD to protect our waterways and bays. For further information, see:

This year Melbourne Water's MUSIC Guidelines are under review and we expect to see a couple of new rainfall templates as well as improved guidance and clarity in a number of areas.

MUSIC itself is also being redeveloped by eWater and this will introduce expanded capability and functionality.

A quick recap on the tools you can access through this website:
MUSIC Auditor - Consultants can use this to check MUSIC models prior to submission to Council or Melbourne Water and authorities can use to check submitted models for any obvious issues and guideline compliance
Wetland Analysis Tool and Spells Analysis - A tool for assessing water level patterns in wetlands and initial guidance on likely sustainability of vegetation
WSUD Audit Guidelines - Guidelines and templates for undertaking inspections and audits of existing WSUD assets made available for Melbourne Water and Stormwater Victoria

Did you know? You can zip flux files before uploading them to the Wetland Analysis Tool to upload faster. The tool also supports sub-daily files of a reasonable size.