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What is it and who can use it?
A tool for checking the parameter inputs to MUSIC models to ensure they comply with relevant guidelines and are within expected or reasonable ranges.

The MUSIC Auditor is free for anyone to use within Melbourne Water's area of responsibility. Council's can 'audit' models created in MUSIC submitted to them and consultants can check their own models before submission to identify anything they might need to adjust or explain before submission.

The MUSIC Auditor is intended for use by suitably experienced professionals with an understanding of water sensitive urban design and the use of MUSIC. It should not be relied upon as the final authority regarding appropriate input parameters. Rather it is intended to support users and assessors by providing guidance. The Auditor is not currently licensed or authorised for use outside Melbourne Water's area of responsibility and should not be relied upon outside this area for any commercial purposes.

Who created it?
Microburst Software

What is MUSIC?
The MUSIC modelling software, developed by , is Australia’s leading modelling tool for urban stormwater management and water sensitive urban design. It is used for predicting the performance of stormwater treatment systems and assessing whether they meet performance targets. Don't know what MUSIC is? Click here

What is water sensitive urban design?
Don't know what water sensitive urban design is and want to learn more? Start at Melbourne Water's dedicated website Click here